Wednesday Jun 23, 2021
Xin Chou Year, Jia Wu Month, Ren Yin Day

October 2013

(Lunar Date)
September 4, 2013
Solar Term
Cold Dew (Hánlù, 寒露)
Gui Si Year, Ren Xu Month, Ding Wei Day
Clash: Ox Evil: West
Auspicious Direction The God of Joy: South
The God of Happiness: Southeast
The God of Wealth: Southwest
  • Sacrifice
  • Avoid anything else
Auspicious Time
03:00-04:59 05:00-06:59 09:00-10:59 15:00-16:59 19:00-20:59 21:00-22:59
  • Nothing Suitable
Inauspicious Time
23:00-00:59 01:00-02:59 07:00-08:59 11:00-12:59 13:00-14:59 17:00-18:59

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