Year of the Tiger

虎 (Hǔ)

Tigers are rich in emotion and can be righteous alone in a community where the general moral tone is low. They are generous, majestic, confident, and brave other than hasty. Weaknesses: Tiger people are stubborn, oversensitive, indecisive and uninhibited in life; they are playful, look forward to fairytale romance, have a strong desire to occupy, often quarrel and refuse to suffer from stress in spite of the optimistic attitude.

  • 虎 (Hǔ)
  • Yin (寅)
  • Yang
  • Wood (Mu)
  • Akasagarbha, The Buddha of Boundless Space
  • Northeast, Southwest
  • East
  • Southeast

Things that will bring tiger luck:

  • 1, 3, 4
  • blue, white, gray, orange
  • east, southeast, south
  • cineraria
  • Sapphire

Things that tiger should avoid:

  • 6, 7, 8
  • Golden, Silver, Brown
  • Southwest

Tiger Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1926 Feb.13, 1926 – February1, 1927 Bing Yin Fire Yang
1938 Jan.31, 1938 – Feb.18, 1939 Wu Yin Earth Yang
1950 Feb.17, 1950 – Feb.5, 1951 Geng Yin Metal Yang
1962 Feb.5, 1962 – Jan.24, 1963 Ren Yin Water Yang
1974 Jan.23, 1974 – Feb.10, 1975 Jia Yin Wood Yang
1986 Feb.9, 1986 – Jan.28, 1987 Bing Yin Fire Yang
1998 Jan.28, 1998 – Feb.15, 1999 Wu Yin Earth Yang
2010 Feb.14, 2010 – Feb.2, 2011 Geng Yin Metal Yang
2022 Feb.1, 2022 – Jan.21, 2023 Ren Yin Water Yang

Tiger Love Compatibility

People of Tiger sign usually hold a good attitude towards love relationship. They would maintain the relationship carefully and seldom lose temper to their partners. Tigers can face each other frankly in the relationship, tolerate each other, show mutual understanding and communicate in time when there is a problem. But love can be tough for them and they tend to experience many twists and turns in love relationship.
  • Best with: Dragon, Horse, or Pig
  • Worst with: Ox, Tiger, Snake, or Monkey

Tiger in 2019

Career: Promotion and Prosperity

Civil servants under the Tiger sign will be blessed by the lucky star to carry out every work well, win recognition from superiors and support from peers, and get the chances for promotion. For Tigers promoted in the last year, the good luck will continue and they may get further promoted or become famous. Tigers in business will be supported by many friends or benefactors to flourish the business and make more money. In short, this year means promotion and prosperity for people born in Tiger years.

Wealth: Great Room for Development and Good Luck for Windfall

Tiger and Pig are one od the Six Compatible Groups (Liu He 六合) in Chinese Zodiac and compatibility means prosperity and help. As a result, Tiger people will get a lot of help this year to develop the career and make a fortune; the more they do, the more they will get. In particular, Tiger people in business will get both fame and wealth. Tiger officials are quite blessed in windfall and they can make an unexpected fortune yet need to keep an eye on the way of making money, or they may ruin their fame and career by greed and get more kicks than halfpence.

Marriage: Stable Relationship & Proper Control

2019, the Year of Pig, is a good year for Tiger people in terms of marriage. Since Tiger and Pig are compatible with each other, people of Tiger sign will enjoy a happy marriage and make progress together this year. Married Tigers will further improve the relationship and need to keep other opposite sex at a distance to prevent a potential ONS or illegal love affair which can ruin their marriage or family. Single Tigers may also find the right one and even get married in this blessed year.

Health: Favorable & Nothing Serious

This year, Tiger people will be in a favorable health condition and nothing serious will take place. The elderly need to take care of their hearts and blood and keep a regular diet.