Wednesday Jul 24, 2024
Jia Chen Year, Xin Wei Month, Ji Chou Day

Year of the Pig

猪 (Zhū)
year of the pig

People born in Pig years are pure, cheerful, good-natured, resolute, optimistic, calm and quite popular among friends. They come straight to the point without the slightest hesitation, help others, boast great endurance and good thinking but never play tricks. With an indomitable spirit, they take on the task with courage and go all out to do it well. However, Pigs are unsociable, vulnerable to fraud, impulsive, arrogant and stubborn.

  • 猪 (Zhū)
  • Hai (亥)
  • Yin
  • Water (Shui)
  • Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite Light
  • South
  • North
  • Northeast

Things that will bring pig luck:

  • 2, 5, 8
  • yellow, grey, brown, golden
  • southeast, northeast
  • hydrangea, pitcher plant, marguerite
  • Ruby

Things that pig should avoid:

  • 1, 3, 9
  • Red, Blue, Green
  • Southeast

Pig Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1935 Feb.4, 1935 – Jan.23,1936 Yi Hai Wood Yin
1947 Jan.22, 1947 – Feb.9, 1948 Ding Hai Fire Yin
1959 Feb.8, 1959 – Jan.27, 1960 Ji Hai Earth Yin
1971 Jan.27, 1971 – Feb.14, 1972 Xin Hai Metal Yin
1983 Feb.13, 1983 – Feb.1, 1984 Gui Hai Water Yin
1995 Jan.30, 1995 – Feb.18, 1996 Yi Hai Wood Yin
2007 Feb.17, 2007 – Feb.6, 2008 Ding Hai Fire Yin
2019 Feb.4, 2019 – Jan.24, 2020 Ji Hai Earth Yin
2031 Jan.22, 2031 – Feb.10, 2032 Xin Hai Metal Yin

Pig Love Compatibility

Single-minded in love relationship, Pig people devote to their love and hold a stable attitude in a relationship, thus lead a happy life whether in love or marriage. Generally speaking, people born in the year of Pig are softhearted and can be walked over in a relationship.
  • Best with: Goat, Tiger, Rabbit
  • Worst with: Monkey, Snake

Pig in 2024

The Pigs will face immense pressure in career in 2024. When doing anything, they need to have enough patience, so as to avoid mistakes and all efforts in vain. The financial fortune will fluctuate slightly, but it will be easy to incur unnecessary expenses at home. In 2024, the Pigs need to stabilize their income from full-time jobs or businesses and avoid investment and financial products, otherwise it will result in financial losses. The single Pigs may encounter some opportunities, but they should also remember not to be too impatient and hasty; they should believe in fate, maintaining and experiencing the course of the relationship slowly, so as to get a more long-lasting return in relationship.