Year of the Dragon

龙 (Lónɡ)

Dragon is an adventurous and wise sign full of vigor and vitality. Characterized by a lofty ideal and an imposing look, people of Dragon sign are perfectionists who are bad-tempered, arbitrary, impulsive and stubborn. They often need the forgiveness of other people and generally have no lifelong goals yet show filial piety to elders and never swallow an insult.

  • 龙 (Lónɡ)
  • Chen (辰)
  • Yang
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth
  • Northwest
  • West
  • Southwest

Things that will bring dragon luck:

  • 1, 6, 7
  • golden, silver, hoary
  • west, northwest, north
  • bleeding heart vine, larkspur
  • Amethyst

Things that dragon should avoid:

  • 3, 8, 9
  • Cyan, Green
  • Northwest

Dragon Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1928 Jan.23, 1928 – Feb.9, 1929 Wu Chen Earth Yang
1940 Feb.8, 1940 – Jan.26, 1941 Geng Chen Metal Yang
1952 Jan.27, 1952 – Feb.13, 1953 Ren Chen Water Yang
1964 Feb.13, 1964 – Feb.1, 1965 Jia Chen Wood Yang
1976 Jan.31, 1976 – Feb.17, 1977 Bing Chen Fire Yang
1988 Feb.17, 1988 – Feb.5, 1989 Wu Chen Earth Yang
2000 Feb.5, 2000 – Jan.23, 2001 Geng Chen Metal Yang
2012 Jan.23, 2012 – Feb.9, 2025 Ren Chen Water Yang
2024 Feb.10, 2024 – Jan.28, 2025 Jia Chen Wood Yang

Dragon Love Compatibility

As idealists, Dragon people go for perfect no matter what they do and often make more efforts than the average. They seldom take the initiative to love others or worry about love issues, as they are surrounded by pursuers. Tolerance and special talent are required to maintain the relationship with them in love or marriage and they usually need more praise.
  • Best with: Rat, Tiger or Snake
  • Worst with: Ox, Goat or Dog

Dragon in 2020

Overview: Hit by Unexpected Trouble

The overall horoscope of Dragon people in 2020 can be very poor. No matter what they do, everything would just not go well, and even the simple work cannot be finished smoothly. In addition, they are face-saving people who fear most of being looked down upon by others, and the downcast side is exactly what will leave a bad impression to others. Being overwhelmed by the bad luck, they can feel desperate in the rumors from the outside world.

Career: Fastidious But Incompetent and Impatient

The career horoscope of Dragons can be bad in 2020. They are fastidious but incompetent and believe blindly that they are the best in all aspects and they can surpass anyone. Because of this, they fail to see their strength in a proper way and always wish to find pretty good jobs which are beyond their competence. Once the jobs are not the desired, they would keep job-hopping and fail to do anything well.

Love: Lonely and Hard Luck in Love

The 2020 love horoscope can be very bad for people born in the Dragon year. Seemingly unrestrained, care-free and not bothered by anything, they are in fact lonely inside and wish to find someone who can share joys and sorrows with them. But fate is not to be imposed. No matter how much they desire love, they would mostly remain single and find it hard to meet the right one.

Health: Minor Illnesses and Become a Burden to Family

People of Dragon sign will have no luck in health during the year 2020. They will be vulnerable to illnesses and feel a bit ill here or there. In fact, they will get unhealthy all the year round and this can be a burden to themselves as well as to their family who have to find the solutions and even bear the financial pressure.

Wealth: Desperate and Seek Refuge with Family

This year, Dragons can get desperate in wealth. With a limited concept of money, they tend to believe that they have money to burn and spend with gay abandon. In this way, they would buy a lot of unwanted things and almost spend all the money they have, leading to a desperate situation. In this case, they have to seek refuge with family and ask their family to pay for their basic necessities and keep the living going.

Dragon in 2019

Career: A Lot of Opportunities, Watch out Traps

Dragon officials will get some good opportunities this year, such as starting a business or investing after work. But the good luck in windfall can harm their official career; they should stabilize each step in every task and keep a peaceful mind in the face of temptation if they want to gain or advance in the current position. For Dragon people in business, the main chances can be traps and failure to investigate thoroughly may lead to financial losses or lawsuits; they are not suggested to cooperate with a government organ, or they will be more likely to invite a lawsuit.

Wealth: Survey Carefully and Play Safe

With an average luck in making money, people of Dragon sign generally make a fortune thru hard work and should survey and observe carefully for any possible windfalls. Otherwise, greed may lead to loss of money. Dragon people are suggested to play safe and less persistent in making money.

Marriage: Uncertain & Handle Properly

For married Dragon people, marriage can be uncertain this year, so do not quarrel over trifles; peace is the most precious in marriage and family and only a peaceful family can prosper - they are suggested to listen more to their partners' advice and care more about each other. At the same time, married Dragons should keep a proper relationship with the opposite sex and never start an ONS or illegal love affair, or their luck for career and family will be affected. Unmarried Dragons are suggested to start a relationship properly since they are prone to changes and hurt in love this year.

Health: Keep a Watchful Eye on the Health of the Elderly and Kids

People born in Dragon years should keep a watchful eye on spleen, stomach, intestinal and urinary problems. In particular, more attention should be paid to the health of the elderly and kids.