Thursday Jul 25, 2024
Jia Chen Year, Xin Wei Month, Geng Yin Day

Year of the Dragon

龙 (Lónɡ)
year of the dragon

Dragon is an adventurous and wise sign full of vigor and vitality. Characterized by a lofty ideal and an imposing look, people of Dragon sign are perfectionists who are bad-tempered, arbitrary, impulsive and stubborn. They often need the forgiveness of other people and generally have no lifelong goals yet show filial piety to elders and never swallow an insult.

  • 龙 (Lónɡ)
  • Chen (辰)
  • Yang
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth
  • Northwest
  • West
  • Southwest

Things that will bring dragon luck:

  • 1, 6, 7
  • golden, silver, hoary
  • west, northwest, north
  • bleeding heart vine, larkspur
  • Amethyst

Things that dragon should avoid:

  • 3, 8, 9
  • Cyan, Green
  • Northwest

Dragon Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1928 Jan.23, 1928 – Feb.9, 1929 Wu Chen Earth Yang
1940 Feb.8, 1940 – Jan.26, 1941 Geng Chen Metal Yang
1952 Jan.27, 1952 – Feb.13, 1953 Ren Chen Water Yang
1964 Feb.13, 1964 – Feb.1, 1965 Jia Chen Wood Yang
1976 Jan.31, 1976 – Feb.17, 1977 Bing Chen Fire Yang
1988 Feb.17, 1988 – Feb.5, 1989 Wu Chen Earth Yang
2000 Feb.5, 2000 – Jan.23, 2001 Geng Chen Metal Yang
2012 Jan.23, 2012 – Feb.9, 2025 Ren Chen Water Yang
2024 Feb.10, 2024 – Jan.28, 2025 Jia Chen Wood Yang

Dragon Love Compatibility

As idealists, Dragon people go for perfect no matter what they do and often make more efforts than the average. They seldom take the initiative to love others or worry about love issues, as they are surrounded by pursuers. Tolerance and special talent are required to maintain the relationship with them in love or marriage and they usually need more praise.
  • Best with: Rat, Tiger or Snake
  • Worst with: Ox, Goat or Dog

Dragon in 2024

Although the Dragons will have the same zodiac year conflict with Tai Sui in 2024, they will not need to worry about it. Their career will be on the rise, and the Dragons always attach great importance to the development of their career and spend a lot of time on the work. Their own unremitting efforts will eventually be rewarded. While they are busy at work, the Dragons need to pay attention to rest, so as to avoid any physical discomfort. In interpersonal relationship, good communication and cooperation with others will be very essential. The Dragons are advised to show their teamwork spirit and work together to create greater achievements. They should note that more attention should be given to their family and relationship issues, and they should not neglect their inner needs.