Wednesday Nov 30, 2022
Ren Yin Year, Xin Hai Month, Ding Hai Day

Year of the Rabbit

兔 (Tù)

Rabbit is a gentle and reserved sign and people born in Rabbit years are usually elegant, prudent, subtle and in harmony with the rest of the world. With their own judgment, they start well and end well, and usually reach success early in life. Sometimes, the curious Rabbit people can be subject to changing moods, refuse to accept the opinions of others and give a lame excuse. On the basis of a strong belief in life, Rabbits would pursue their goals in an orderly way and they are tender and romantic. To give full play to their talents and achieve success, however, Rabbit people should be generous and restrain the jealousy.

  • 兔 (Tù)
  • Mao (卯)
  • Yin
  • Wood (Mu)
  • Manjushri, The Buddha of Wisdom
  • Southeast, Northwest
  • North
  • South

Things that will bring rabbit luck:

  • 3, 4, 9
  • red, pink, purple, blue
  • east, southeast, south
  • cyclamen, plantain lily
  • Pearl

Things that rabbit should avoid:

  • 1, 7, 8
  • White, Dark Brown, Dark Yellow
  • North, West

Rabbit Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1927 Feb.2, 1927 – Jan.22, 1928 Ding Mao Fire Yin
1939 Feb.19, 1939 – Feb.7, 1940 Ji Mao Earth Yin
1951 Feb.6, 1951 – Jan.26, 1952 Xin Mao Metal Yin
1963 Jan.25, 1963 – Feb.12, 1964 Gui Mao Water Yin
1975 Feb.11, 1975 – Jan.30, 1976 Yi Mao Wood Yin
1987 Jan.29, 1987 – Feb.16, 1988 Ding Mao Fire Yin
1999 Feb.16, 1999 – Feb.4, 2000 Ji Mao Earth Yin
2011 Feb.3, 2011 – Jan.22, 2012 Xin Mao Metal Yin
2023 Jan.22, 2023 – Feb.9, 2024 Gui Mao Water Yin

Rabbit Love Compatibility

Most of Rabbits are loyal and have a right attitude in love relationship. They would not fall in so easily; instead, they treat every relationship sincerely, never trifle with others' affections or believe in other people's sugared words. As a result, it is almost impossible to cheat them in love relationship.
  • Best with: Rat, Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig
  • Worst with: Rooster, Snake.

Rabbit in 2022


The Rabbits will have some opportunities in their career in 2022, which are favorable for business operations. However, they will be prone to strong interference from competitors and thus they will fall into a passive situation.


The Rabbits will not have an ideal attraction for the opposite sex in 2022, which is not conducive to their competition for a partner. It is caused by their own strong character. It is recommended that they should have more communication and more tolerance.


In terms of health, they will become weak in 2022. Both the elderly and the young should drink less carbonated drinks and avoid staying up late They should also learn to maintain a good health, exercise more or take health care products to strengthen physical fitness.


The Rabbits will not have an ideal and satisfactory wealth luck in 2022. They will spend a lot of money with their brothers and friends because of their own strong character. They need to be more rational and sensible in spending.

Rabbit in 2021 - Ride On the Crest of Success

The poor fortune by the punishment of Tai Sui will be expelled. In 2021, Rabbit people will go up in career, wealth and love relationship and feel much better. This year can be a good opportunity for them to develop a new cause or new business. Also, they will find a lot of ways to make money, and become quite lucky in exams. Single Rabbits will feel it easier to attract the opposite sex.


As the career prospers in 2021, Rabbits will manage quite nicely in interpersonal relationship and develop the sidelines pretty well. Students with a Rabbit sign will sail with the wind and those applying for a certificate, competing for a post, and taking training or further study will get what they want.


With pretty good luck for wealth, those born in Rabbit years will fat their wallets and become keener to capture wealth and business opportunities, which is conducive to operation, cooperation, investment and other business activities. However, they shouldn't go after quick success and instant benefit, otherwise they will be deceived.


2021 is a lucky year of love relationship for Rabbits. The male Rabbits in particular will become much more charming and popular, and they should prevent not to be tempted to or deceived by the one-night stand. The married Rabbits should be alert to the temptation of an affair.


This year, those born with a Rabbit sign should pay special attention to their health and safety as well as that of their families, keep an eye on gastrointestinal, skeletal and skin problems. At the same time, they are suggested to balance their work and rest and be moderate no matter how busy the work is.