Year of the Goat

羊 (Yánɡ)

People born in a year of the Goat are refined in manner and dapper in appearance. They are compassionate, upright, outwardly yielding but inwardly firm, often put themselves in other people's shoes and forgive others for their faults. Sometimes, they are too tame to express their ideas but keep the anger deep in heart when a conflict takes place. The generous Sheep tend to spend money like water and prefer to interact with people whenever and wherever possible. They are sentimental, gentle, highly dependent, and a little nervous and might be disillusioned with the mortal world once in adversity.

  • 羊 (Yánɡ)
  • Wei (未)
  • Yin
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Vairocana, The Great Illuminator
  • North
  • North
  • West

Things that will bring goat luck:

  • 2, 7
  • green, red, purple
  • east, southeast, south
  • carnation, primrose, alice flower
  • Emerald

Things that goat should avoid:

  • 3, 8
  • Golden, Coffee
  • Southwest

Goat Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1931 Feb.17, 1931 – Feb.5, 1932 Xin Wei Metal Yin
1943 Feb.5, 1943 – Jan.24, 1944 Gui Wei Water Yin
1955 Jan.24, 1955 – Feb.11, 1956 Yi Wei Wood Yin
1967 Feb.9, 1967 – Jan.30, 1968 Ding Wei Fire Yin
1979 Jan.28, 1979 – Feb.15, 1980 Ji wei Earth Yin
1991 Feb.15, 1991 – Feb.3, 1992 Xin Wei Metal Yin
2003 Feb.1, 2003 – Jan.21, 2004 Gui Wei Water Yin
2015 Feb.19, 2015 – Feb.7, 2016 Yi Wei Wood Yin
2027 Feb.6, 2027 – Jan.25, 2028 Ding Wei Fire Yin

Goat Love Compatibility

Generally, Goat people are vulnerable to frustrations in love relationship. Female Goat are very timid, kind-hearted and considerate; male Goat are somewhat proud and unlikely to express their love and they rarely quarrel or chatter when getting along with their partners.
  • Best with: Rabbit, Horse, Pig
  • Worst with: Ox, Dragon, Snake, Dog

Goat in 2020

Overview: Get into Trouble on All Sides & Hard to Make a Breakthrough

Goat people will have hard luck in the year 2020. It seems that everyone and everything will be against them. No matter where they go, they would get into trouble on all sides; no matter how much efforts they make, they can hardly see any results. Generally speaking, they are too demanding on themselves and hope they can make everything perfect. However, it is almost impossible, so they will get disappointed and enter the bottleneck period, during which they will find it quite tough to break through.

Career: Lack of Opportunities & Focus on the Moment

The horoscope of career will be bad for Goat people. They always try to find an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rapid promotion and make a rise in life. A good opportunity, however, is usually elusive and cannot be found every day, so they should not be eager to it. For them, the first priority is to concentrate on what they are doing and to make great efforts step by step, so as to advance gradually, achieve their goals and get what they want.

Love: Have a Crush on Someone Yet Dare Not Take the Initiative

The love horoscope of people under the Goat sign can be less satisfactory in 2020. At the beginning, they will have crush on someone and feel excited as if they are to start a relationship. But at the same time, they can get upset and confused inside as they are coward, especially in front of those they love. In a relationship, they dare not to take the initiative, let alone to express their love. Because of this, their crush cannot feel it at all, and it will be impossible for them to get romantically involved.

Health: Occasional Minor Illnesses But Nothing Major

The health horoscope will be fairly good for people born in the Goat year. Though they may catch minor illnesses occasionally, they will recover soon as if nothing has happened. In general, nothing major will happen to them and they will enjoy good health. They will be fine as long as they adopt a positive mental attitude, and keep the current healthy routines and eating habits.

Wealth: Be Moderate and Careful in Wealth

Goat are suggested to keep a conservative attitude in wealth, and save the money earned rather than use it in investment or financial products, or they will suffer great losses. They'd better to be moderate and never listen indiscriminately to others. In money matters, Sheep people should be more cautious if they want to get more wealth.

Goat in 2019

Career: Highly Blessed, Seize Every Opportunity

With the help of others, Goat are highly blessed in career. Due to the compatibility with Tai Sui - the legendary God who is in charge of people's fortune in the year, Goat can seize every opportunity and take full advantage of resources to ride on the crest of success and lay a solid foundation for the bright future. But don't count chickens before they are hatched! Pig belongs to water while Goat belongs to earth and the two are inter-restriction in Five Elements, so people of Goat sign need to practice sincerity rather than petty tricks at work; otherwise, cleverness may overreach itself and they will ask for trouble.

Wealth: Many Opportunities, Develop Business Plans Properly

This can be a good year for Goat in making money and they will get many opportunities. To be specific, Goat will find many business opportunities and need to think more about the business philosophy and take advantage of the good fortune to get more profits.

Marriage: Good Luck, More Likely to Get Married

Goat can be pretty lucky in marriage and love relationship this year due to the compatibility with Tai Sui, the Grand Commander of the Year. Married Goat will enjoy the enviable conjugal harmony while single Goat will find it easier to meet the right one and get married. Nevertheless, Goat should not be careless but communicate more and show mutual understanding in love.

Health: Take More Exercise

Due to the compatibility with Tai Sui and the inter-restriction between earth and water, people of Goat sign will be affected in health. They are suggested to participate in more outdoor sports and keep on eye on the discomfort or minor illness caused by over fatigue.