Sunday Oct 02, 2022
Ren Yin Year, Ji You Month, Wu Zi Day

Year of the Snake

蛇 (Shé)

Snake people are easygoing, intelligent and flexible. With a unique charm, they are wise, mysterious, polite and gentle and basically love reading, music and food. People of Snake sign can be suspicious and tend to hide it deep in heart, change frequently about anything and sometimes behave inhumanely to secure their ends; they are coolheaded, open-minded, possessive and jealous, and often follow the fashion.

  • 蛇 (Shé)
  • Si (巳)
  • Yin
  • Fire (Huo)
  • Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth
  • Southwest
  • South
  • Southwest

Things that will bring snake luck:

  • 2, 8, 9
  • red, light yellow, black
  • northeast, southwest, south
  • orchid, cactus
  • Opal

Things that snake should avoid:

  • 1, 6, 7
  • White, Golden, Brown
  • Northeast,Northwest

Snake Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1929 Feb.10, 1929 – Jan.29, 1930 Ji Si Earth Yin
1941 Jan.27, 1941 – Feb.14, 1942 Xin Si Metal Yin
1953 Feb.14, 1953 – Feb.3, 1954 Gui Si Water Yin
1965 Feb.2, 1965 – Jan.20, 1966 Yi Shi Wood Yin
1977 Feb.18, 1977 – Feb.6, 1978 Ding Si Fire Yin
1989 Feb.6, 1989 – Jan.26, 1990 Ji Shi Earth Yin
2001 Jan.24, 2001 – Feb.11, 2002 Xin Si Metal Yin
2013 Feb.10, 2013 – Jan.30, 2014 Gui Si Water Yin
2025 Jan.29, 2025 – Feb.16, 2026 Yi Si Wood Yin

Snake Love Compatibility

For people of Snake sign, love relationship can fluctuate greatly, especially when middle-aged. Seemingly cold outside, they are in fact very passionate and cannot trust their partners but often fight over trifles - they just have no idea about how to get along and this can lead to serious problems in love relationship. To get along well with their partners, Snake people are suggested to communicate more to solve many problems.
  • Best with: Dragon, Rooster
  • Worst with: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat, Pig

Snake in 2022


The Snakes will have some opportunities in their career in 2022, which is favorable for examination, job applications. They will get the favor and care of the patrons in career. However, they still need to fight for the cause.


The Snakes will have a good relationship with the opposite sex in 2022. It will be easy for them to meet pragmatic but caring people of the opposite sex. It will be conducive to develop a relationship.


In the year of Punishment with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), the Snakes should take care to stay away from dispute and gossip, avoid verbal or physical disputes with others to protect themselves from harm.


The Snakes will have some opportunities in wealth fortune in 2022, and they get some benefits because of the care of the patrons. However, they still need to be more active to fight for it. Otherwise, they may not be rewarded.

Snake in 2021 - Charming and Rich

Supported by Tai Sui, Snakes will be lucky enough to win help and luck out this year. Their wealth horoscope will be on the rise, bringing them more income from work. The auspicious star Shang Guan will enable them to get quick-witted while the star San Tai will prompt them to give full scope to their resourcefulness for a better career and study. The love horoscope will also be improved and they can expect a good relationship.


2021 is a year to prosper the income from work and the occasional setbacks can be overcome with the help of others. This will be a good time to open up a new frontier, study on new topics, start a business or engage in creative occupations which are quite free and independent. This year is also good for promotion and pay rise.


This year, the fortune will come to Snake people who will get many opportunities for making money. Therefore, they need to make good use of it for getting rich in the year of Ox. However, the year of good luck can be quite stressful and full of disputes, for which Snakes are suggested not to indulge in the pursuit of wealth and pleasure but follow the correct path.


In terms of love relationship, 2021 can be an auspicious year for those under the Snake sign, especially the males, as they may get married this year. Single Snakes may take advantage of the good luck and ask a friend or relative to act as a go-between. Those married should beware of the unfavorable affair while female Snakes will be in the good time for pregnancy.


The 2021 health horoscope can be fairly good for Snake people. But they should not be too stressful, or the stagnation of Qi and blood can undermine the function of spleen and stomach. They need to alternate work with rest and keep a healthy diet.