Wednesday Nov 30, 2022
Ren Yin Year, Xin Hai Month, Ding Hai Day

Year of the Dog

狗 (Gǒu)

Dog is a straightforward and honest sign upholding justice. People of Dog sign are diligent, eager to learn knowledge, virtuous, sincere and as cool as cucumber. They usually come to front and win over the opposite sex with the unconditional loyalty. The honest Dogs are ready to defend the weak and helpless, listen and share the pain of others, and never put on an act. They are strong-willed, suit action to the word and consider the situation. But people born in the year of Dog can be confused, fragile, stubborn, indecisive and less independent.

  • 狗 (Gǒu)
  • Xu (戌)
  • Yang
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite Light
  • Northwest
  • East
  • Southeast

Things that will bring dog luck:

  • 3, 4, 9
  • green, red, purple
  • east, southeast, south
  • rose, oncidium, cymbidium orchids
  • Diamond

Things that dog should avoid:

  • 1, 6, 7
  • Blue, White, Golden
  • Southeast

Dog Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1934 Feb.14, 1934 – Feb.3, 1935 Jia Xu Wood Yang
1946 Feb.2, 1946 – Jan.21, 1947 Bing Xu Fire Yang
1958 Feb.18, 1958 – Feb.7, 1959 Wu Xu Earth Yang
1970 Feb.6, 1970 – Jan.26, 1971 Geng Xu Metal Yang
1982 Jan.25, 1982 – Feb.12, 1983 Ren Xu Water Yang
1994 Feb.10, 1994 – Jan.30, 1995 Jia Xu Wood Yang
2006 Jan.29, 2006 – Feb.17, 2007 Bing Xu Fire Yang
2018 Feb.16, 2018– Feb.4, 2019 Wu Xu Earth Yang
2030 Feb.3, 2030 – Jan.22, 2031 Geng Xu Metal Yang

Dog Love Compatibility

Inarticulate in expressing their feelings, Dog people prefer the long and lasting love. They are kind-hearted, traditional and conservative, and would not fall in love readily. But once they do, they will treat their loved ones wholeheartedly. They are too stubborn to consider from many aspects or think about the feelings of others, which can affect the relationship to some extent and even cause a failed marriage.
  • Best with: Rabbit
  • Worst with: Dragon, Goat, Rooster

Dog in 2022


People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Dog will have some opportunities in career in 2022. They get some favors from policy preference. However, they need to communicate more or they will encounter greater obstacles.


The Dogs will not have a satisfactory relationship fortune in 2022. They will be prone to twists and turns in relationship due to their stubbornness and impulsiveness. As such, they are advisable to communicate more and be more tolerant.


The Dogs will be likely to be accidentally bitten by small pet animals. When going out and going home, they are advised not to provoke or play with the pet dogs and cats to avoid accidental attacks. In addition, they will tend to be sullen, sleepless and even mentally weak this year. They are advised to adjust their mentality, go out with their families to relax in their leisure time.


The Dogs will have some opportunities in wealth in 2022. They can get some benefits from some favors and care. However, they still need to work hard and communicate to get the opportunities. It will not be easy to get them.

Dog in 2021 - Torture Tai Sui

Dog will torture Tai Sui (causing hurt) in 2021, a year of metal Ox, during which people with a Dog sign will feel quite depressed. What's more, the inauspicious stars can further worsen the situation and impose negative energy to their health, interpersonal relationship, career and love. Fortunately, with the blessing of lucky stars, some of them can take advantage of it with their wisdom and responsibility!


During the year of punishment of Tai Sui, the career of Dog people can be more or less challenged. The more frustrated, the stronger they get, as they are ambitious and always have clear goals in mind. In study, those under the Dog sign may move boldly forward! This year, they are more likely to have quarrels, disputes and conflicts with other people, and do a hard but thankless job.


This year is not the right time to make a fortune. Instead, Dogs will be bogged down in money or interest disputes, and their money can be used or shared by someone else.


Those under the Dog sign will have a very average love horoscope. Married Dogs need to beware of a mistress, as well as dispute, misunderstanding and argument. As the saying goes, out of the mouth comes evil, they should guard against a crisis caused by it.


Spleen, stomach, heart, eye and eyesight problems will require their special attention. At the same time, Dogs should care more about the health of elders in the family. Whether they are at home or out, they should remain conscious enough for security.