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Jia Chen Year, Ji Si Month, Xin Mao Day

China Holidays and Festivals in 2021

China Public Holidays 2021

China has 7 public holidays. Following is a national calendar of all 2021 public holidays. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced. Please check back regularly for updates.

Holiday Name Date Holiday Durations Day Off
New Year's Day Jan. 1 Jan. 1-3 2021 3 day
Chinese Spring Festival Feb. 12 Feb. 11 - 17 2021 7 days
Qingming Festival Apr. 4 Apr. 3 - 5 2021 3 days
May Day May 1 May 1 - 5 2021 5 days
Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 14 Jun. 12 - 14 2021 3 days
Mid-Autumn Day Sept. 21 Sept. 19-21 2021 3 day
National Day Oct. 1 Oct. 1 - 7 2021 7 days

Chinese Traditional Festivals and Holidays in 2021

Holidays Traditions and Customs 2020 Dates 2021 Dates
Little New Year (Festival of the Kitchen God) Offer sacrifices to the Kitchen God, Cleaning house, Paste paper-cuts to windows, Make preparations for Spring Festival Jan.17 Feb.4
Laba Festival Eat Laba rice porridge, Make Laba Garlic Jan.20
Chinese Spring Festival Eve Paste couplet on the doors, Have a family Reunion Dinner, Stay up late to welcome the new year, Watch Spring Festival TV Show Jan.24 Feb.11
Chinese Spring Festival Visit families and friends to pass on good wishes for the New Year, Hand out red packets Jan.25 Feb.12
Lantern Festival Enjoy bright lanterns, Guessing lantern riddles, Eat Yuanxiao or Tangyuan Feb.8 Feb.26
Dragon Heads-raising Day (Spring/Blue Dragon Festival) Having haircuts for good luck, Perform dragon dance, Eat ‘dragon’ food Feb.24 Mar.14
Cold Food Festival Eat cold food and people abstain from making a fire Apr.3 Apr.3
Qingming Festival Tomb sweeping, Put willow branches on gates, Spring outing, Kite flying Apr.4 Apr.4
May Day No particular special customs. Chinese people usually travel during the holiday. May 1 May 1
Children's Day Have snacks, eat out and play out, special performances are dedicated to the students on the day in schools or kindergartens, Send gifts to kids Jun.1 Jun.1
Dragon Boat Festival Eating Zongzi, Dragon boat racing Jun.25 Jun14
Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party
Procession of public performances, military demonstrations and speeches by public officials.
Jul. 1 Jul. 1
Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Speeches and military demonstrations Aug. 1 Aug. 1
Double Seventh Festival Send gifts to lover, Have a big dinner with lover Aug.25 Aug.14
Ghost Festival
(Zhongyuan Festival or Yu Lan Pen Festival)
Offer prayers to deceased relatives Sep.2 Aug.22
Mid-Autumn Festival Family reunion, Eat moon cakes, Appreciate the bright full moon with family memebers Oct.1 Sep.21
National Day Chinese people usually travel or have a good rest during 7-day national holiday Oct.1 Oct.1
The Double Ninth Festival (Chongyang Festival) Show respect to the seniors, climb mountains, drink homemade chrysanthemum wine, enjoying chrysanthemum Oct.25 Oct.14
Journalists'Day to show respect to journalists in different ways Nov. 8 Nov. 8
Spirit Festival (Xiayuan Festival) Give offerings to the deceased Nov.29 Nov.19
Winter Solstice People in Northern China eat dumplings and Tangyuan in Southern China Dec.22 Dec.21