Year of the Ox

牛 (niú)

The stable and reliable Ox people are usually trusted by their superiors because they are faithful, kind and work in an orderly way. Oxen, in lack of humor and romance, mostly reach success late in life and feature an indomitable character and a strong logical thinking. Their wisdom and skills are often covered up by the taciturnity but once given a chance, they can become dignified and eloquent orators, do what they want wholeheartedly and never give up halfway. Therefore, people of Ox sign are the typical realist.

  • 牛 (niú)
  • Chou (丑)
  • Yin
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Akasagarbha, The Buddha of Boundless Space
  • Southeast
  • West
  • East

Things that will bring ox luck:

  • 1, 9
  • Blue, Yellow, Purple
  • East, Southeast, South
  • Tulip, Evergreen, Peach blossom
  • Aquamarine

Things that ox should avoid:

  • 3, 4
  • White, Green
  • Southwest

Ox Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1925 Jan.24, 1925 – Feb.12, 1926 Yi Chou Wood Yin
1937 Feb.11, 1937 – Jan.31, 1938 Ding Chou Fire Yin
1949 Jan.29, 1949 – Feb.16, 1950 Ji Chou Earth Yin
1961 Feb.15, 1961 – Feb.4, 1962 Xin Chou Metal Yin
1973 Feb.3, 1973 – Jan.22, 1974 Gui Chou Water Yin
1985 Feb.19, 1985 – Feb.8, 1986 Yi Chou Wood Yin
1997 Feb.7, 1997 – Jan.27, 1998 Ding Chou Fire Yin
2009 Jan.26, 2009 – Feb.13, 2010 Ji Chou Earth Yin
2021 Feb.12, 2021 – Jan.31, 2022 Xin Chou Metal Yin

Ox Love Compatibility

In terms of love relationship, Oxen are neither proactive nor good-tempered; instead, they are very stubborn, passionate and emotional inside, and lack a sense of romance, thus make others feel they are lonely. Even if they have a crush on someone, they would not take the initiative to pursue. In this way, they miss a lot of good things, which is really a pity!
  • Best with: Rat, Monkey, or Rooster.
  • Worst with: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, or Goat.

Ox in 2020

Overview: A Bad Start with Misfortunes

The 2020 horoscope for Oxen can be bad. Usually, they would see the failure even before they start to do something and things will not change substantially even if they persist. Bad things may happen one after another - just as the saying goes, misfortunes never come single. Put the failure of career aside, they will also be frustrated in love and their many years' relationship may break up in a flash. Even the health will be getting steadily worse.

Career: Go Their Own Way and Get Stuck

Ox people's career horoscope in 2020 can be very poor. If they take advantage of the good opportunities and follow the plan established, they will get good results. However, they just act willfully to work in another way, and refuse to listen to others' advice. At the beginning, they may feel optimistic, but then many unexpected things will happen. It will be too late to remedy and they can do nothing but watch it getting worse. It cannot be so easy for them to get over this difficulty.

Love: Drift Apart and Get Deserted

Oxen's love horoscope will be on the decline in 2020. Those in love can gradually lose the passion. At the very start, the relationship can be stable but the passion and good feeling will dim as time goes by. People of Ox sign will not take action on this. Instead, their partner will take action and desert them when they are not even ready psychologically.

Health: Caught Unprepared by Sudden Illnesses

People born in the Ox year will be in poor health this year, especially those senior citizens, as they are very likely to catch some serious diseases inadvertently. Or, the problems accumulated will break out one day and they will be caught unprepared. It will take a long time for them to recuperate. This can be a burden to their family who need to spend more time on caring for them.

Wealth: Draw a Lesson from Deceit

In 2020, people of Ox sign will suffer a heavy blow in wealth horoscope. Oxen are not the shrewd people with their own ideas and experience in financial management. However, they are greedy for money and want to get something for nothing. When someone introduces them a seemingly profitable project, they would not hesitate at all but listen to the advice without any judgment, which will eventually lead to deceit and loss of all money saved over the long time. this can make anyone heart ache, yet they can only draw a lesson from it and make ensure the same thing will not happen again.

Ox in 2019

Career: Outstanding Achievements, Keep a Peaceful Mind

For civil servants of Ox sign, everything will go well at work and they can give a good play to their abilities, make outstanding achievements and be regarded and appreciated highly by superiors - promotion and a pay rise can be expected soon; they are suggested to seize the opportunity. Oxen in business are blessed in career and can get many good chances, as well as support and help from others to advance rapidly, thus the year means more pay for more work. However, Oxen should not be supercilious and self-conceited or have a massive ego; otherwise they will make an enemy everywhere and ruin the good luck.

Wealth: Never Do Anything Illegal or Immoral

Oxen people can expect a favorable luck in wealth. Full of go and blessed with many opportunities, they will have bright prospects and get windfalls or extra gains. As long as Oxen do not do anything illegal or immoral, they will see profits pouring in from all sides.

Marriage: Better Luck, Beware of Illegal Love Affair

For Oxen, marriage can be fairly blessed this year. The married Ox people will be of one heart and one mind, enjoy conjugal harmony and go through thick and thin together; for them, the only worry will be the possible illegal love affair. Unmarried Ox people will get the appreciation of opposite-sex superior at work and a lot of chances to start a love relationship with the right one; they are suggested to be constant in love and never involve in a love triangle otherwise they will suffer from it.

Health: Good Luck, Pay Attention to Health Care

This year, health can be blessed for people born in Ox years. Since Ox belongs to earth while Pig is a water sign, Oxen people may clash with Tai Sui, the Grand Commander of the Year and they need to focus on the health of stomach, blood and waist, and keep regular hours and diet.