Tuesday May 30, 2023
Gui Mao Year, Ding Si Month, Wu Zi Day

Year of the Ox

牛 (niú)
year of the ox

The stable and reliable Ox people are usually trusted by their superiors because they are faithful, kind and work in an orderly way. Oxen, in lack of humor and romance, mostly reach success late in life and feature an indomitable character and a strong logical thinking. Their wisdom and skills are often covered up by the taciturnity but once given a chance, they can become dignified and eloquent orators, do what they want wholeheartedly and never give up halfway. Therefore, people of Ox sign are the typical realist.

  • 牛 (niú)
  • Chou (丑)
  • Yin
  • Earth (Tu)
  • Akasagarbha, The Buddha of Boundless Space
  • Southeast
  • West
  • East

Things that will bring ox luck:

  • 1, 9
  • Blue, Yellow, Purple
  • East, Southeast, South
  • Tulip, Evergreen, Peach blossom
  • Aquamarine

Things that ox should avoid:

  • 3, 4
  • White, Green
  • Southwest

Ox Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1925 Jan.24, 1925 – Feb.12, 1926 Yi Chou Wood Yin
1937 Feb.11, 1937 – Jan.31, 1938 Ding Chou Fire Yin
1949 Jan.29, 1949 – Feb.16, 1950 Ji Chou Earth Yin
1961 Feb.15, 1961 – Feb.4, 1962 Xin Chou Metal Yin
1973 Feb.3, 1973 – Jan.22, 1974 Gui Chou Water Yin
1985 Feb.19, 1985 – Feb.8, 1986 Yi Chou Wood Yin
1997 Feb.7, 1997 – Jan.27, 1998 Ding Chou Fire Yin
2009 Jan.26, 2009 – Feb.13, 2010 Ji Chou Earth Yin
2021 Feb.12, 2021 – Jan.31, 2022 Xin Chou Metal Yin

Ox Love Compatibility

In terms of love relationship, Oxen are neither proactive nor good-tempered; instead, they are very stubborn, passionate and emotional inside, and lack a sense of romance, thus make others feel they are lonely. Even if they have a crush on someone, they would not take the initiative to pursue. In this way, they miss a lot of good things, which is really a pity!
  • Best with: Rat, Monkey, or Rooster.
  • Worst with: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, or Goat.

Ox in 2023


The Ox will have some opportunities in his career in 2023, which will be beneficial to business operations and performance improvement, but they need to be more active to fight, not slack.


The Ox will have the opportunities to know the opposite sex in 2023. However, their own attractiveness and charm is not good enough. So, they need to communicate more with the opposite sex. Otherwise, it will be difficult to have a fruitful result in a relationship.


In the aspect of health, there will no major disease, but minor problems. As long as, they go for the diagnosis in a timely manner, they will get recovered quickly.


The Ox will have a good financial luck in 2023, which will be beneficial to their fortune from sideline business, but they still need to work harder to obtain the wealth. Otherwise, they will encounter various obstacles in seeking wealth.