Year of the Monkey

猴 (Hóu)

Monkey is a smart, frank and outspoken sign good at social activity. People born in the year of the Monkey are passionate, confident, versatile, coolheaded, shrewd and flexible. Mostly self-centered, they can play to the score and tend to make a showy display of their ability in youth. For them, perseverance is the secret of success. Monkeys are suggested to be contented and prudent, and use less high-flown words.

  • 猴 (Hóu)
  • Shen (申)
  • Yang
  • Metal (Jin)
  • Vairocana, The Great Illuminator
  • East
  • West
  • Northeast

Things that will bring monkey luck:

  • 1, 7, 8
  • white, golden, blue
  • north, northwest, west
  • chrysanthemum
  • Peridot

Things that monkey should avoid:

  • 2, 5, 9
  • Red, Black, Grey
  • South, Southeast

Monkey Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1932 Feb.6, 1932 – Jan.25, 1933 Gui Shen Water Yang
1944 Jan.24, 1944 – Feb.12, 1945 Jian Shen Wood Yang
1956 Feb.12, 1956 – Jan.30, 1957 Bing Shen Fire Yang
1968 Jan.30, 1968 – Feb.16, 1969 Wu Shen Earth Yang
1980 Feb.16, 1980 – Feb.4, 1981 Geng Shen Metal Yang
1992 Feb.4, 1992 – Jan.22, 1993 Ren Shen Water Yang
2004 Jan.22, 2004 – Feb.8, 2005 Jia Shen Wood Yang
2016 Feb.8, 2016 – Jan.27, 2017 Bing Shen Fire Yang
2028 Jan.26, 2028 – Feb.12, 2029 Wu Shen Earth Yang

Monkey Love Compatibility

Firm and persistent in love, Monkey people would try every means to win the love of someone once they have a crush. In a relationship, they tend to move their sweethearts and win the love with sincerity; they are absorbed in it and focus on the feeling. Their major problem in love relationship is that, they have too much expectation for romance and special love and miss those who really care about them in life.
  • Best with: Ox or Rabbit
  • Worst with: Tiger or Pig

Monkey in 2020

Overview: Good Luck to Turn Calamities into Blessings

Monkey people will have pretty good luck in 2020. They can turn calamities into blessings and get help from others from time to time. In the aspect of career, they will be assisted by many people, and their efforts will be rewarded. In terms of wealth, they can get what they want, including money and benefits. Therefore, they are suggested to make a bold trial and they will basically succeed.

Career: Make a Major Breakthrough & Win Admiration

Monkeys will be blessed in career this year. With the long-term persistence, efforts and unremitting exploration, they can make significant breakthroughs in their fields, which can be quite gratifying. They will be praised and appreciated by the leaders and admired by the peers in the industry. The success in career will give them massive confidence, and they will certainly achieve something later.

Love: Know Each Other & Express the Love

People of Monkey sign will have very good luck in love this year. They have been in unrequited love with someone who also takes fancy to them. However, they two just keep an ambiguous relationship and neither one says it clearly. Fortunately, they know each other and have already felt it. In this year, Monkeys will get a rare opportunity to show their love, start a sweet relationship and put their emotional life back in order.

Health: Physically Strong and Energetic

During the year 2020, those born in the Monkey year will be in sound health, physically strong and energetic due to the long-term regular hours and eating habits. In general, they will keep early hours, take three meals on time and do proper exercise. However, the minor illnesses like spinal problems will be inevitable.

Wealth: Make a Good Fortune

Due to the excellent wealth horoscope, Monkey people will make a good fortune this year. No matter where they go, they can get many opportunities to make money. Their superiors can be very kind to give them some easy and remunerative tasks, from which Monkeys can get a lot of wealth at work. Sometimes they can even get double wages. With such good luck, it's impossible to get rich.

Monkey in 2019

Career: Less Satisfactory, Be Conservative

With a less satisfactory luck for career, Monkey people will find it hard to get promotion or pay increase and cannot expect too much in career development this year. They are suggested to be discreet in career planning, or they might be depressed and cannot recover after a setback due to the great difference between ideal and reality. People of Monkey sign should be conservative in investment and never invest too much this year.

Wealth: Poor Luck, Do Not Invest Too Much

In general, Monkey people will be in poor luck for wealth since the zodiac sign is harming the Tai Sui. As a result, they can suffer unexpected personal financial losses and find it hard to make money all the year round. They'd better consider the situation, consolidate step by step and never expect too much profit or make great fortune overnight. Also, they should not invest too much or seek fast luck in case of financial losses.

Marriage: Beware of a Third Party or Vile Character

For Monkeys, the luck for marriage and love relationship will be just like an illusion which is out of reach. And this is especially true for single Monkeys and they can hardly find the right one this year. Monkeys in a relationship will get emotional and easily blame each other or catch each other on the raw. Married Monkeys will be prone to a cold war or live apart due to the lack of passion, and they need to pay special attention to a third party or vile character.

Health: Outwardly Strong & Inwardly Weak, Pay Attention to Diet

Most of the Monkeys will be outwardly strong but inwardly weak and the minor illness may take a turn for the worse, making them go to the hospital now and then and costing them a lot. Once have some discomfort, they should go to a doctor in time, keep a moderate diet and never eat or drink too much. Of course, the excessive physical exercise should also be avoided.