Wednesday Nov 30, 2022
Ren Yin Year, Xin Hai Month, Ding Hai Day

Year of the Horse

马 (Mǎ)

People born in Horse years are bright, cheerful, free, unrestrained, quick-witted, independent, conversable and insightful. Full of energy and confidence, they march forward courageously, always try to excel others yet behave in a kind and resourceful way. Horses love to play and enjoy the hustle and bustle of life but can bear solitude. The generous and optimistic Horse people can be impatient, irritable and stubborn, never bear a grudge and tend to forget things quickly and spend money in an unplanned manner.

  • 马 (Mǎ)
  • Wu (午)
  • Yang
  • Fire (Huo)
  • Mahasthamaprapta, The Buddha of Great Strength
  • West
  • East
  • West

Things that will bring horse luck:

  • 3, 4, 9
  • green, red, purple
  • northeast, southwest and northwest
  • calla lily, jasmine, marigold
  • Topaz

Things that horse should avoid:

  • 1, 5, 6
  • Blue, White, Golden
  • North, Northwest

Horse Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1930 Jan.30, 1930 – Feb.16, 1931 Geng Wu Metal Yang
1942 Feb.15, 1942 – Feb.4, 1943 Ren Wu Water Yang
1954 Feb.4, 1954 – Jan.23, 1955 JIa Wu Wood Yang
1966 Jan.21, 1966 – Feb.8, 1967 Bing Wu Fire Yang
1978 Feb.7, 1978 – Jan.27, 1979 Wu Wu Earth Yang
1990 Jan.27, 1990 – Feb.14, 1991 Geng Wu Metal Yang
2002 Feb.12, 2002 – Feb.18, 2003 Ren Wu Water Yang
2014 Jan.31, 2014 – Feb.18, 2015 Jia Wu Wood Yang
2026 Feb.17, 2026 – Feb.5, 2027 Bing Wu Fire Yang

Horse Love Compatibility

In love relationship, people of Horse sign let nature take its course. They put up with their partners and show enough tolerance and patience in a relationship, even though they do not know how to express their ideas properly. They believe in fate which brings people together.
  • Best with a Goat or Tiger
  • Worst with a Rat, Ox, or Rooster

Horse in 2022


People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Horse will have some opportunities in career development in 2022, which will be favorable for examinations and job applications. They will get the favor from patrons, but they still need to be active to fight for the opportunities.


The Horses will not have an idea recommended l fortune in relationship in 2022. It will be difficult for them to meet the right person of the opposite sex. They will be quite passive in dating and relationship. It is for them to go to the rivers, lakes and woods to adjust their own mental state, waiting for new opportunities.


In the Year of "Compatibility/Harmony with Tai Sui"(the Grand Duke Jupiter), children born under the zodiac animal sign of the Horse will enjoy good material living conditions and can grow up healthy and strong. The elderly people will also be physical fit so that they will not be prone to major diseases.


The Horses will have some opportunities in making a fortune in 2022. They will get the benefits due to the care of their patrons. However, they still need to work harder. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to gain.

Horse In 2021 - Harm the Tai Sui

In 2021, Horse people will harm the Tai Sui -- Grand Commander of the year. Not only they need to care more about the family but also should they guard against potential dangers in life. They can get good chances in career and luck out in love, most likely one-night stand.


As the career horoscope is on the uptrend, Horses may consider more about a change or break and seek development in the changes. Whether they choose to go far away or make a living elsewhere, they will be blessed. Students with a Horse sign may take part in more extra-curricular activities or competitions, as they are more likely to get good results this year!


Those born in the Horse years will be lucky in wealth during the year 2021. However, harming the Tai Sui can lead to more expenditures and money losses though the incomes increases. They should think twice before doing anything to avoid any dispute or lawsuit.


Although Horse people will get much more popular this year, most of the relationships are short-term, so the unmarried are not suggested to start a relationship rashly while the married need to keep a clean living. The married women may have trouble in reproduction or parenting.


The health horoscope can be cheerless this year. Harming the Tai Sui means more obstacles and mood swings. The psychological problems should be taken seriously and a balance between work and rest should be found.