Wednesday Nov 30, 2022
Ren Yin Year, Xin Hai Month, Ding Hai Day

Year of the Rat

鼠 (Shǔ)

Rat is a cheerful, sociable and humorous sign with a special sensitivity and a keen observation. People of Rat sign are conceited yet mostly versatile and refrained in expressing feelings. They practice thrift and are less liberal of their money. Rat people usually meet dangers calmly and have a superior ability to defeat opponents. However, they can misjudge due to temptation and fall into someone else's trap; as long as they are not greedy, life can be promising for them. Weaknesses: a little timid, suspicious and conservative, shortsighted and less insightful on some issues.

  • 鼠 (Shǔ)
  • Zi (子)
  • Yang
  • Water (Shui)
  • Avalokiteshvara, The Buddha of Compassion
  • Southeast
  • West
  • East

Things that will bring rat luck:

  • 2, 3
  • Blue, Golden, Green
  • Southeast, Northeast
  • Lily, African violet, Lily of the valley
  • Garnet

Things that rat should avoid:

  • 5, 9
  • Yellow, Brown
  • West

Rat Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1924 Feb.5, 1924 – Jan.23, 1925 Jia Zi Wood Yang
1936 Jan.24, 1936 – Feb.10, 1937 Bing Zi Fire Yang
1948 Feb.10, 1948 – Jan.28, 1949 Wu Zi Earth Yang
1960 Jan.28, 1960 – Feb.14, 1961 Geng Zi Metal Yang
1972 Feb.15, 1972 – Feb.2, 1973 Ren Zi Water Yang
1984 Feb.2, 1984 – Feb.19, 1985 Jia Zi Wood Yang
1996 Feb.19, 1996 – Feb.6, 1997 Bing Zi Fire Yang
2008 Feb.7, 2008 – Jan.25, 2009 Wu Zi Earth Yang
2020 Jan.25, 2020 – Feb.11, 2021 Geng Zi Metal Yang

Rat Love Compatibility

Love relationship tends to be less satisfactory for people of Rat sign. Despite the good luck with the opposite sex which brings them many friends of the opposite sex, Rats often take an indulgent and negative attitude in love and tell tales. They are so jealous that they may do something bad because of jealousy and ruin their own reputation. Hence, the Rat sign is suggested to control themselves in love relationship.
  • Ox, Dragon, Rabbit
  • Horse, Rooster

Rat in 2022


The Rats will have a good career opportunity in 2022, which will be favorable to project cooperation, good for official projects, and favorable to collaboration with leaders and superiors, but it will involve a certain amount of hard work and toil.


The Rats will have a good popularity with the opposite sex in 2022. They will be easy to meet the opposite sex who are pragmatic and tolerant. They will be mutually attracted to each other and suitable for starting a relationship.


In 2022, the Rats must put health on top priority, and study or work must be the second priority. They should also keep a good mood on weekdays, never be bothered by illnesses or troubles so as to avoid aggravating the illness.


The Rats will have certain opportunities in obtaining wealth, and they will gain benefits from project cooperation. Certainly, there will be much labor in seeking wealth, and they will have to be subject to certain constraints.

Rat in 2021 - Good Fortune

2021 is the Xinchou year of Ox. Since Rat and Ox are one of the Six Compatible Groups, those under the Rat sign will have good luck. This year, they can be easily appreciated by the supporters and make numerous friends! What the compatible Tai Sui brings is not only limited to the success in career but also the good news in exams and study. A fly in the ointment, however, is that the great achievements in career also imply the great pressure, hard work and health risks hidden therein.


Those born in the Rat year will have more opportunities and win help from others to get ahead in career. For workers and students, this year is a good time to forge ahead, associate with the aspiring friends and good teachers, and fight for the center position.


No blessing from the God of Wealth means Rat people are unlikely to have good luck in making money. Instead, they will get half the results with double the effort. Fortunately, they can still get due paid from job as long as they work in a down-to-earth way. This year is not the right time for seeking windfalls!


Being compatible with Tai Sui can also bring Rats, especially the females, good luck with the opposite sex. With a great popularity, they can expect to meet a right one or start a relationship. In view of the blessing, it is very suitable for them to have a friend as a go-between for lovers. Married Rat people need to keep an open eye on a third party stepping in the marriage.


Worrying too much can make Rats stressful this year. Additionally, the inauspicious stars Er Hei and Bing Fu in charge of illness also require them to guard against diseases associated with kidney, bladder, ear and nose, spleen, waist and abdomen, pay attention to travel safety, and stay away from dangerous activities.