Year of the Rat

鼠 (Shǔ)

Rat is a cheerful, sociable and humorous sign with a special sensitivity and a keen observation. People of Rat sign are conceited yet mostly versatile and refrained in expressing feelings. They practice thrift and are less liberal of their money. Rat people usually meet dangers calmly and have a superior ability to defeat opponents. However, they can misjudge due to temptation and fall into someone else's trap; as long as they are not greedy, life can be promising for them. Weaknesses: a little timid, suspicious and conservative, shortsighted and less insightful on some issues.

  • 鼠 (Shǔ)
  • Zi (子)
  • Yang
  • Water (Shui)
  • Avalokiteshvara, The Buddha of Compassion
  • Southeast
  • West
  • East

Things that will bring rat luck:

  • 2, 3
  • Blue, Golden, Green
  • Southeast, Northeast
  • Lily, African violet, Lily of the valley
  • Garnet

Things that rat should avoid:

  • 5, 9
  • Yellow, Brown
  • West

Rat Years

Year When Stem-Branch Element Yin Yang
1924 Feb.5, 1924 – Jan.23, 1925 Jia Zi Wood Yang
1936 Jan.24, 1936 – Feb.10, 1937 Bing Zi Fire Yang
1948 Feb.10, 1948 – Jan.28, 1949 Wu Zi Earth Yang
1960 Jan.28, 1960 – Feb.14, 1961 Geng Zi Metal Yang
1972 Feb.15, 1972 – Feb.2, 1973 Ren Zi Water Yang
1984 Feb.2, 1984 – Feb.19, 1985 Jia Zi Wood Yang
1996 Feb.19, 1996 – Feb.6, 1997 Bing Zi Fire Yang
2008 Feb.7, 2008 – Jan.25, 2009 Wu Zi Earth Yang
2020 Jan.25, 2020 – Feb.11, 2021 Geng Zi Metal Yang

Rat Love Compatibility

Love relationship tends to be less satisfactory for people of Rat sign. Despite the good luck with the opposite sex which brings them many friends of the opposite sex, Rats often take an indulgent and negative attitude in love and tell tales. They are so jealous that they may do something bad because of jealousy and ruin their own reputation. Hence, the Rat sign is suggested to control themselves in love relationship.
  • Ox, Dragon, Rabbit
  • Horse, Rooster

Rat in 2020

Overview: Terminal Trough beyond Endurance

Arguably, the 2020 horoscope for Rat people will be extremely poor. They may have never experienced such a terminal trough before. This year, they would get mentally and physically exhausted due to what they go through. They will fail completely in career and can barely succeed in the end no matter what they do. And the cooperation or business related to them will also fail in most cases, yet they can do nothing to change the status quo but sit by and watch the bad luck spreading. No one is more unlucky than Rats. Life will reward them as long as they keep expectations for it.

Career: Get No Help in Trouble

Rats will encounter obstacles in career during the year 2020. In general, the difficulties will arise in the work they are familiar with - they may make big mistakes due to the ignorance of details. Also, they may fail in the new work because of inexperience or other reasons. Some external factors may interfere with them. Being at odds with colleagues can seriously affect their work. Almost no one will offer help when they are in trouble and that will be very difficult to solve alone.

Love: Play the Field and Never Serious

Loyalty is never a merit of people under the Rat sign. In 2020, they will go even further and play the field to show how attractive they are or to get in a rage with someone. Anyway, they will be fooling around and chat up with those who are well disposed towards them to develop further. When they meet the right one, they will take the same approach, hurt the real love and get nothing in the end.

Health: Very Vulnerable to Many Diseases

The health horoscope for people born in the Rat year can be very bad. They will be in poor health worse than ever and get sick easily. For example, they may catch a terrible cold because of wearing fewer clothes and cannot recover in a short time. As soon as they get over an illness, they may get sick again and be clouded with a series of illnesses, thus seldom feel fresh and energetic.

Wealth: Cleaned out by Unexpected Trouble

The wealth horoscope can be also bad for Rats. At the very beginning, they have a lot of personal savings for the long term. However, unforeseen circumstances at certain time may clean their money out. In addition to family members, deceit will also affect them and the major accident is basically caused by multiple things, which can make them lose all the money in a moment.

Rat in 2019

Career: Many Opportunities, Keep an Eye on Villains

Officials of Rat sign can better display their ability and make outstanding achievements; if they can advance and retreat with the superior and the organization, they will win recognition from the superior, be thought highly of and get more chances for promotion. Rats in business tend to get a good development space, many business opportunities as well as the support from friends and others, so they can expect rapid career development and good luck in making money this year. Though blessed in this year, Rat people still need to build good relations with others and keep a low profile, so as not to be envied by the villains and pose an adverse effect to career development. In particular, Rats born in 1984 and 1972 should mind out the villains.

Wealth: Profits Pouring in From All Sides, Guard Against Robbery

With infinite business opportunities, people under the Rat sign will see profits pouring in from all sides and even get extra gains. However, they may suffer from robbery and can purchase real estate to prevent losses. Civil servants of Rat sign need to beware of disasters caused by windfalls or extra gains.

Marriage: Plain Sailing, Beware of Dangerous Love Affair

In this year, luck for love relationship/marriage will be plain sailing for Rats. Unmarried Rats can find the right one but need to handle the relationship with other different sex friends properly and keep the latter at a distance, so as to avoid a love triangle. If they can be constant in love, the relationship will be further improved and a wedding can be expected this year. For married Rats, marriage will be secure most of the year because they can share with and love each other in trouble; a few people of Rat sign should keep an eye on the illegal love affair which can ruin the marriage and family, especially for people born in 1972 under the Rat sign.

Health: Keep an Eye on Kidney and Blood Problems

From the perspective of Chinese zodiac, both Rat and Pig belong to water in Five Elements and too much water is not good. Children of Rat sign should pay attention to the sitting posture and the time spent on playing games, so as not to cause injury to their back and waist; also, they should watch out while doing exercise. Senior citizens are suggested to keep an eye on blood, heart and physical health. Pay more attention to the health of the elderly and children this year.