Auspicious Dates for Cesarean Delivery in 2018

An auspicious child birth/cesarean date can make you stay out of trouble, help the surgery go well and keep both you and your baby safe. In addition, the selection of auspicious date and hour allows you to predict the matching of four pillars and eight characters affecting your baby's lifelong fate. Good date and hour mean good four pillars and eight characters of your baby, which in turn indicate your baby will be healthier and more prosperous, and lay a good foundation for his/her future career. Of course, what we pursue and advocate is to let nature take its course, but it is necessary to stay out of trouble where conditions permit.
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July 2018
Date Days of the WeekLunar DateClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
Jul.16 Monday June 4, 2018 Rabbit East
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2018 Auspicious Days Selection

Auspicious Days Selection

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