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Gui Mao Year, Yi Mao Month, Ji Chou Day

Auspicious Dates for Moving in 2019

When selecting an auspicious date for moving, the top two elements to be considered are the Chinese zodiac sign of your family and the orientation of your new house. Generally speaking, the date will be fine if it does not clash your family's zodiac sign or the orientation of your new house.

Water Day rather than Fire Day should be selected. As for hour, Yin Hour should be selected if it is a Yang Day and vice versa.

If your new house is east-facing, do not move on a metal date of Si, You and Chou; if it is west-facing, do not move on a wooden date of Hai, Mou and Wei; if it is south-facing, do not move on a water date of Shen, Zi and Chen and if it is north-facing, do not move on a fire date of Yin, Wu and Xu.
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April 2019
Date Days of the WeekLunar DateClash Zodiac SignEvil Direction
Thursday March 7, 2019 Monkey North
Auspicious Events: Marriage Engagement # Wedding # Travel # Grand Opening # Sign Contract # Property Registration # Buy Livestock/Pets # moving # Residence Relocation;
Friday March 22, 2019 Pig East
Auspicious Events: Marriage Engagement # Consecration Ceremony # See a Doctor # Treatment/Surgery # Break Ground for Building # moving # Residence Relocation;
Tuesday March 26, 2019 Rabbit East
Auspicious Events: Wedding # Marriage Engagement # Sacrifice # Pray for Good Luck # Travel # moving # See a Doctor;

2019 Auspicious Days Selection

Auspicious Days Selection

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