Thursday Sep 21, 2023
Gui Mao Year, Xin You Month, Ren Wu Day

February 2023

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(Lunar Date)
February 2, 2023
Dragon Heads-raising Day (Spring/Blue Dragon Festival) (青龙节)
Gui Mao Year, Jia Yin Month, Geng Xu Day
Clash: Dragon Evil: North
Auspicious Direction The God of Joy: Northwest
The God of Happiness: Southwest
The God of Wealth: East
  • Weaving Fishing Net
  • Encoffining
  • Funeral
  • Break Ground for Tomb
Auspicious Time
03:00-04:59 07:00-08:59 09:00-10:59 15:00-16:59 17:00-18:59 21:00-22:59
  • Nothing Suitable
Inauspicious Time
23:00-00:59 01:00-02:59 05:00-06:59 11:00-12:59 13:00-14:59 19:00-20:59

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